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He narrated a personal story of how, after graduating with one of the best results in mechanical engineering from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, he used N50,000 given to him by his dad, a retired civil servant, to start an iron/metal fabricating business, which has blossomed into a multi-million naira business venture today. He challenged participants to try to take risks with self-employed jobs.

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•Ihite residents allege brutality, demand compensation •No, they were hiding police killers – CP Geoffrey Anyanwu, Awka Fear and agony have pervaded the serene community of Ihite in Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State, following the storming of town by the police on Saturday. The attack by policemen on the community left many…

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If you’ve a pocket full of change, you might want to empty it out, as you could be in for some very good news. That’s according to the money experts at ChangeChecker, who have revealed a fascinating Scarcity Index, detailing the 37 ‘rare’ £2 coins that are set to be worth a mint one day – and many of them are still in circulation.

Really,i don’t know what to say here. have been surfing the internet looking for how to make money online,all have been comming across are scammers that will ask you to pay huge amount of money before they reveal it to you and at the end,its all fake. God will continue to bless & help you frank.

Two of Hollywood’s most illustrious institutions have concluded arrangements to screen some of the best Nollywood films in an event tagged:  Nollywood in Hollywood. The events, scheduled for March 23 and 24, will be co-presented by the world’s leading film programme, the School of Cinematic Arts, at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, United…

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22. Use content lockers – ‘Content locking’ is similar to hiding or protecting pieces of content until a visitor takes some action to redeem it. For example, maybe you want them to pay a small amount, or perhaps click on an advertisement.

Hello, Cindy and Robert. I was just going to ask if I can use more than one method on a blog. But also, I want to ask: I’m torn between Google AdSense and Affliate Marketing. Which one do you folks prefer? Thanks!

Hi KM, I’ve been tying a lot of different ways to make money, i have done everything possible and everything has failed. I really do need help on how to make real money online. I have spent so much money and nothing in return. I’m just sick of all the lies the Internet had to offer. So if you think you can help me please write me back. Thanks!

I met OUK some years ago and we had a pertinent discussion on both national international issues. Our candid discussion is still pertinent today, hence this revisit. To most of us, politics, particularly the Nigerian type, seems very unexciting, enigmatic, and sometimes utterly discouraging. But to Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, whose personal fortune in SLOK…

Likewise you’ll find many other websites online that provide easy and effective ways to earn money in return for your time. Whether it’s clicking on adverts, reviewing music or just about anything else, the internet is full of money earning websites.

All of their business investments are set up to be ‘hands free’ for investors. This means all the steps in investing in the property are taken care of by professionals with virtually no input required from you, the investor.

Obviously, the greater the image quality, the more favorable it will be to buyers, so it’s worth investing in a solid DSLR camera or equivalent — but not always entirely necessary. People generally search for images on stock photography by keywords, not by photographer, so you have the same chance as anyone else of having your image picked. Just be careful that you don’t have images of trademarked brands, copyrighted art or people’s faces that are readily identifiable (unless you have a model release), but just about anything else is fair game, and I promise you’ll be amazed what images people need, so don’t make any assumptions. If it’s a decent photo, upload it.

It’s not magic that many make a lot of money online while others struggle to survive, it’s your decision to chose where you want to belong. The struggling group or the Achievers, It all depends on you.

While I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to earn a full time living blogging  or the benefits of launching a money-making site, it’s also nice to know there are legitimate (and lucrative!) ways to make money online without a website.

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They picked popular niche topics, set up a page, got as many “likes” as they could and started posting highly relevant, engaging, and targeted posts — and, yes, some of them are posts containing affiliate links but certainly not all of them.